Let’s launch and grow an acting career.

Every actor’s path is unique. Introducing Acting In Chicago and Acting in Chicago for Kids and Parents. Both are packed with details on the Midwest’s booming entertainment industry, so actors of all ages can spend more time doing what they love.

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How Acting In Chicago can help

Define your priorities

Learn about the ways actors in the Midwest earn money actually acting, know exactly how much you’ll earn for any given job, and decide where to focus your energy.

Manage the details

Get easy answers to hard questions: How do I build a long-lasting, stable acting career? What training do I need and where should I go? How do I build and maintain a relationship with a talent agent?

a plan

You’ve worked on your acting, now work on your business. Map your path to becoming a unique relevant force in the Midwest’s talent pool.

For Kids And Parents

Spend less time learning about the business and more time helping your young performer reach their full potential.

Meet the author

Actor. Voice talent. Author. Father of a child actor. Chris Agos understands the challenge of building a sustainable acting career and believes the key lies in actors understanding their business as well as they understand their craft.



“Can’t help but think of all the things I learned from Chris Agos.”
– Lauren Lapkus

Acting In Chicago had so much information about the Chicago market that I desperately needed.”
– Christina Reis

“Read the first edition as an extra in 2012. 5 months later I had a fully self- sustaining career in Chicago and 10 years later I’m practically a celebrity lol. Thanks Chris! Great book!”
– Justin Cornwell

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