Q: Will this book teach me how to act?
A: No. The book isn’t a how-to on the art of acting. It’s focused on helping actors launch and/or grow their career by providing detailed information about the business of acting in the Midwest. This information is often difficult to come by, and the book is the only place where it’s collected in one location, combined with personal experiences and anecdotes.

Q: I’m an established stage actor. Is there anything for me in the book?
A: Absolutely. Written with theater pros in mind, the goal of the book is to help more actors understand how to make more money from their acting. While parts of the book might not be new to you, it intends to get you thinking in a different way about your career.

Q: Will the book help me get an agent?
A: Possibly. Chapter 8 is devoted to talent agencies and explains the process of getting and keeping representation. However, there are no guarantees in this business.

Q: How do I get started in voice over?
A: Read Chris’ latest book, The Voice Over Startup Guide: How to Land Your First VO Job.

Q: What do you mean by, “Making a living?”
A: In a perfect world, all actors would be able to rely on acting as their main income source. Unfortunately, our world is not perfect. The book focuses on getting actors to whatever point they want for themselves, whether that’s using acting income for fun money, or counting on it to run a household.

Q: My kid wants to be an actor. Is there anything in the book for them?
A: Yes. Chapter 17 is entirely devoted to kids in the business.

Q: Is there anything in the book about working in L.A. or NYC?
A: Yes. Chapter 16 is devoted to acting in Los Angeles, and Chapter 14 covers working in Milwaukee. This edition does not have info on acting in New York.

Q: What are some good survival jobs for actors?
A: Chapter 15 covers many ideas, from the gig economy to audio book narration.

Q: Could I be too old to get started?
A: Absolutely not. Don’t let age be a factor in your decision to explore acting as a career. There is room for all ages and types. Your ability matters much more than your age. Chapter 4 is devoted to training as an actor in Chicago.

Q: Does Chris Agos live in Chicago?
A: No. After living and working in the Midwest for over 20 years, recently Chris moved to Los Angeles. However, he remains closely connected to the Midwest market. Readers can not only learn from his expertise in the Chicago market, but also from his experience developing a career in Los Angeles.